Aug 242014
Reflections on Hiking and Fear

I’m surprised I survived. Thirty years ago, a friend invited me on a hike. The distance (nine miles) concerned me—that was three times the distance of my favorite, completely flat, three-mile walk around Green Lake. But my friend assured me it was a “moderate” hike. Moderate didn’t sound too bad. Maybe a hill or two. […Read more]

Hiking the Pilgrims’ Path in Delphi

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Jul 182013
Hiking the Pilgrims' Path in Delphi

Most people go to Delphi to visit the archeological ruins. Having seen these multiple times, I decided to experience the ancient world of Greece a different way—by hiking the ancient pilgrims’ path from Delphi down to the ancient port of Kirra. I suppose it might have been more pilgrim-like to do the hike from the […Read more]

Up a Mountain, Out of a Rut

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May 222011
Up a Mountain, Out of a Rut

A year ago, my idea of a hike was a brisk walk around Green Lake. In fact, I was convinced I hated hiking. Even though I knew that Mt. Si was one of the most popular hiking destinations in the area, my eyes would slide past it as I drove I-90 to go skiing or […Read more]