Torn Between Two Homes

Guest blogger Alex Hamel is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. For several years, she has taught English and lived in the country of her birth—South Korea.

I have two homes and every day I feel torn between the two.

One is where I grew up in Minnesota, pictured myself getting married, having kids, starting my career. The other is where I was born in South Korea, and didn’t have a true connection with until I graduated from college.

One is where I have to guard myself, “not be so sensitive,” and live with being different. Although I can easily communicate my feelings, oftentimes I don’t. The other is freeing and comforting, not easily explained how weight is just lifted off my shoulders, yet I struggle with simple tasks because of my language barrier.

One is where others think I should be and where the logical career woman would foster. The other is where my heart yearns for and where I feel emotionally whole.

I could easily live in both homes, but I choose to be whole. I choose to fill my heart. I choose Korea.