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Fremont Center of the UniverseIn 2014, I set a goal of visiting every eating/drinking establishment in my neighborhood of Fremont, Seattle. Here are my reviews for the restaurants I visited that didn’t fit neatly into any of my other categories. See more reviews.

**** One of my faves!
*** On my regular “go to” list
** I’d go if a friend wanted to
* No thanks

*** Qazis  My British neighbor (who has lots of experience with Indian food) turns his nose up at Qazis, but I like it. Maybe just because it’s a welcome change in the neighborhood from all the pubs and Thai places, but I’ve always been very happy with their garlic naan and lamb vindaloo. (Downtown Fremont)
*** Yellow Spot Café  Another great find. The atmosphere is casual to the point of making you feel like you should eat and leave (rather than sit, relax, and enjoy your meal). But they have some really good salads, which is a welcome change since so much of the Fremont cuisine seems to be pub food. (Downtown Fremont)
Sinbad gyros Fremont*** Sinbad  I always love a good gyro, and they have good gyros. What more needs to be said? (Downtown Fremont)
Roro's Barbeque*** Roro’s Barbeque  It’s a tiny old house, sandwiched between a massive public storage warehouse and a new apartment building. When you walk inside, it looks like you’ve walked into your mom’s (or grandma’s) kitchen from the 50s. But wow – amazing pulled pork. (Stone Way)
Pie Fremont*** Pie  Yummy sweet and savory individual-serving pies. I grew up loving chicken pot pies, and Pie has these plus many more interesting options (chicken curry, beef, etc.). Their sweet pies are also wonderful, though calling these an “individual serving” may be a bit of an exaggeration (sugar overdose). But they also have a great lunch combo of savory pie, salad, and tiny dessert pie. (Downtown Fremont)
** Tsar  Well-prepared pelmeni are Eastern European goodness, and I was able to revel in them here. The main reason for 2 stars (meaning I’d go there on request, but it’s not a regular stop for me) is political. Due to my support for Ukraine, I’m avoiding patronizing anything Russian unless I’m sure they’re pro-Ukrainian Russians. Maybe I should walk in wearing my Ukraine sweatshirt to see their reaction. If they say, “Slava Ukraini!” I’d instantly increase the number of stars here.(I suppose it’s odd to mix restaurant reviews with politics, but hey, these are my reviews and I feel rather strongly about the injustice of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.) (Downtown Fremont)
** Stone Way Café  A limited menu (a couple of breakfast dishes, a couple of lunch dishes) and coffee/muffins. But what they do, they do well. My four-cheese grilled cheese sandwich cheesy, gooey goodness.They have a nice, open but cozy-feeling space where they say they have music in the evenings (plus had some percussion pieces littered on the stage area to back up that claim). But I didn’t see any flyers about when that music might actually happen.

This location has been through a number of different names since I’ve lived in Fremont so I guess I’m sort of waiting to see how long this one lasts. (Stone Way)

* Roxy’s Back Door  It sounded intriguing—craft cocktails, sort of a speakeasy atmosphere. But the menu consists of unimaginative appetizers and I’ve had as good or better cocktails everywhere else I’ve ever tried.It was an amusing evening since I met someone at the bar who planned goddess festivals as a freelance event planner. That was so bizarre, it made up for the lackluster food and drink. But since you all can’t count on being that lucky in meeting random strangers there, I’d skip it. (Downtown Fremont)
* Bones and Bourbon  If you want barbeque, go to Roro’s, which is a much better all-around experience. When I walked into B&B, the smoked meat smell wafting out the door drew me in like a pied piper. But the slabs of meat sitting in the case at the front counter (as a sort of menu to help you pick what to eat?) did not look appetizing. My pulled pork was okay, but had a weird vinegary taste to it (and a friend from the South later confirmed that North Carolina barbeque tends to douse their meat in vinegar.)The side dishes were all really bad. The baked beans were tasteless, the “coleslaw” limp and tasteless. I was told the mac and cheese had won some sort of award, but I can’t imagine from whom. Avoid. (Leary Way)

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