Puddle-jumping to Christmas

I think it was the smallest commercial plane I’ve ever been on. Every seat was a window seat … and an aisle seat. Sitting in 1A, I could just about reach out and touch the pilot. None of that bothered me. I’ve been on small planes before. It was when I realized that the “flight…

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Red, White, and Blue in the Land of Blue and White

Greek and American flags

(Originally written on July 3, 2011) My memory of past Fourth of Julys is a blurred collage of barbeques and family picnics. Usually I’m wrapped in warm clothes and shivering since summer in Seattle traditionally starts on July 5, though a few clips in my memory collage also reflect the sunshine of long lazy holiday…

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Easter for the Dead

Carolyn Schott

My touristing in Chisinau yesterday took me to a cemetery. That isn’t all that unusual since my interest in genealogy often takes me to cemeteries when I travel. But this time I wasn’t visiting the graves of my ancestors, but instead was observing the local “Easter for the Dead” holiday. On Sunday and Monday the weekend…

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April 7 in Moldova

I think I was part of something important yesterday, but I’m really not sure. April 7, 2010 was the one-year anniversary of protests in Chisinau when the Communist party won the elections (as usual). There were accusations of fraudulent voting tactics, but no one really seems to be able to say for sure.  I wasn’t…

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