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Thai Food FremontIn 2014, I set a goal of visiting every eating/drinking establishment in my neighborhood of Fremont, Seattle. Here are my reviews for the Thai restaurants I visited. See more reviews.

**** One of my faves!
*** On my regular “go to” list
** I’d go if a friend wanted to
* No thanks

*** Kaosamai  This has become my first choice Thai place in the neighborhood. I don’t know that their food is that much better than most of the other Thai places, but I love their outdoor seating area in the summer. (Downtown Fremont)
*** Kwanjai Thai  With all the Thai restaurants in Fremont, this always looked the most hole-in-the-wall and so I left it till last. I should have remembered that these are often the best places. The asparagus/shrimp dish I had tasted very fresh, service was very pleasant, the décor small and quaint. When I ordered three stars, the server raised her eyebrows. I thought that was odd as I usually order that many stars, but three stars here is pretty spicy. But very good. I’ll be back. (Downtown Fremont)
*** Jai Thai  For many years, this was my favorite Thai place in Fremont. And then I branched out and tried some others. Always acceptable. (Downtown Fremont)
** Chillies Paste Thai**CLOSED  It was fine, nothing remarkable. I like some of the other Thai places in the neighborhood better. But they were very friendly. (Leary Way)
* Zapp Verr  The food was okay and certainly came out fast. But the atmosphere feels a bit like a Thai place trying to be trendy nightclub lounge, which felt tacky to me. (Though for an opposing view, my friend thought it was improvement over the restaurant’s previous “Tiki bar” atmosphere.)Attentive service is good, but interrupting our conversation four or five or six times to check in on how we liked the food is just plain annoying. I didn’t shout, “Leave me alone and let me eat it,” but I wanted to. (Downtown Fremont)

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